Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Free

Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern free

create 40 copies
Template bows for getting 80 bows.
If you using each of 13 cloth for bows
Similarly, you will be need to cut 37 cut each
cloth. Randomly placing cloth for make 80 bows.
Of each of the 13 cloth, cut 4 strips 2 ¹ / ₂ " x width of cloth. 
Cut each fabric into 37 rectangle 2 ¹ / ₂ "x 3 ¹ / ₂".
Begin with paper piecing placing cloth and cloth 12 together right side on the side of the marked paper.
Turn over and sew on the line between 1 and 2. Cut the excess fabric for a little ¹ / ₄ "in seam between 1 and 2 and press cloth 2 above
suture line. Continue for add the cloth 3-6 way.
Cut on the line after cutting arc is complete.
Carefully remove the paper from behind the arc.

To make the template center, keep track parts on the next page, four times for paper.
Tape 4 parts together to create an whole template.
this track Throughout central and melon into a plastic template.
cut melons 40 and 16 centers. Designs medal position, so that is centered

A piece of the remaining 40 bows (step 1) to the melon.
Place the right side of the bows together with the melon.
Match, fold in melon with center bows and pin together.
Pin each end of the melon to the end of the bows.
Melon stitch bows to easing the cloth curve. Melon clip along the curve, if necessary. press the seam toward the melon. Stitch bows from step 2 to the other side of the melon with a bow.

The central parts and the same bows unit as shown below.
Center fold twice to find the center of each side.
You also may want to mark the ¹ / ₄ "seam intersections at any point.
Place the center fold of each bows in thecenter.
Pin the edge of the center to the edge of each bows, being careful to match ¹ | ₄ "seam intersections.
Sew together, easing the cloth curve.

Lay out units follow the diagram below. sewing unit in curved rows, then sew rows together. Once again, you will be need to for align ¹ / ₄ "seam intersection and the center points of the unit.

Layer, quilt, and bind.
Cut binding strips ON
THE BIAS 2¹⁄₂" wide
from D1352-450
Pink/green stripe.
Diagram shows cutting

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